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Tune booking

TCTUNED reserves the right to decline or dismiss any dyno/remote tuning session for any reason at any time. By signing this waiver(hitting the continue button), the customer (you) authorizes TCTUNED to operate the vehicle/make changes in the manner to achieve the limits needed to provide this service and or asked for by customer(you). By clicking continue, you agree to all conditions, risks, and self-liability of your vehicle/you and agree to hold TCTUNED free from any liability and cause of action which might arise from the use of your vehicle at anytime. Everything done under TCTUNED is strictly for the use of off-road/racing vehicle purposes only. You as the consumer need to be aware of state/provinces and federal/highway traffic laws.

Spec sheet


Package wanted:






ENGINE mods: 


Heads and mods (springs,valves etc) 


Coils (smart coils or ?) 


Reluctor wheel/ crank sensor: 


Ecu system: 


Cam @ .050 :


Map sensor/internal (part number) 


Mat/iat sensor (part number) 


Coolant sensor (part number) 


Oil pressure sensor: (what psi. If stock don’t worry) 


Fuel pressure sensor(part number, what psi sensor) 


Injectors (need to know exact part number) 


Fuel pump(s): 

Base Fuel Pressure:


Which gas are you running: 


Turbo size: 


Wastegate with spring psi: 




Intercooler and size: 




Spark plugs and gap (needed): 




Rear gear: 


Tire size: 


What's done to the trans: 


Anything extra I need to know?




(HOLLEY CUSTOMERS) Inputs/outputs (please include everything you’ve wired to this 8 pin connector and their position. Also include is its a 12v source or ground, etc)




Goals for the vehicle and power expectations: 


Base Plus 2 Revisions is proper file setup done by me. This will include a full set of instructions for loading file into ecu, checking sensors and driving tips . $250us

Base 1 hour live is for the people wanting to do a live tuning session to speed up the tuning process whether it be on a dyno or street. You'll need a laptop and wifi/hotspot to do this. I provide a start up tune then we dial it in while you drive or do dyno pulls. This is included in the 3 hour session aswell. $375-475Usd


I have a race today and The Sunday 10pm This is done same day (rush tune)

2 tenths challenge is only accepted if you come from another tuner and can prove your fastest time with slip and video. I guarantee i can find 2 tenths some where or the tuning we do is free. This is paid on top of my tuning price aswell.

Stock Bottom End LS Timing Maps

Are you just wanting SAFE and reliable timing maps for your ride? I am now offering timing maps  for Pump Gas and E85/Race Gas specific Fuels. My E85/ Race Fuel timing tables have been tested on 100's of cars and trucks Running 5.02-6.00 in the 1/8th. Please Select Option Below

Referral Codes

If you were referred to me from another tuner or shop they will have a referral code I provided them. Please include this in the spec sheet

Supported Ecus

download (1).png
download (3).jpg
download (2).jpg

To book a tune, please take the time to fill out the information below. Fill out Spec Sheet after selecting continue. European Flash tuning please select Stage 1 or 2 below. Spec sheet not needed until contacted.

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