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Injector Cleaning Service


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Step 1 Clean and Inspect

Upon arrival of customers Injectors we (TcTuned) will visually inspect said injectors and any loose dirt will cleaned and removed.. Any broken or cracked injectors will be set aside and not be cleaned and tested.

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Step 2 Ohm Testing

After initial inspection we then Ohm test injectors for resistance. Those failing the Ohm test will be set aside and not be cleaned or tested because they will be deemed unrepairable. We will then Number the Injectors for the next step and recording.

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Step 3 Clean and Testing

Now we proceed with the rest of our Full Service Cleaning and Testing. This includes

  • Pre flow test to determine current flow condition

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Coil test's

  • Leak, Spray Pattern Test

At this time we will inspect and determine if the seals, filter baskets and caps need to be replaced. At this point we will go ahead and do so at no extra charge.​

If Injectors can NOT be fixed or cleaned to optimal performance due to damage, clogging, or for any other reasons, said injectors will be marked and set asside.

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